Joola Express Ultra

Joola Express Ultra

Joola Express Ultra
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Short pimple players are no different to conventional rubber users, and many have adapted their games and used them inconjunction with speed glue. JOOLA have recognised this, and to maintain their position at the forefront of innovation,have introduced EXPRESS ULTRA to offer the same ‘express’ glue-effect speed and feel for short pimples. Both ‘Green Power’ and ‘Tensor’ technologies are incorporated in the rubber which is based upon a 40° sponge. The pimples are wide and the medium soft sponge allows good feeling but an ability to lift the ball easily when playing against heavy chop. Fast, powerful and awkward to play against, EXPRESS ULTRA is designed for counterhitting and aggressive blocking styles, and creates the optimum skidding effect.

Speed (Rubbers)
Control (Rubbers)
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