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• Easy to use, it lets you make your purchases as you want and when you want it
• Practical: let yourself without having to support your side
• Fast: After creating your account, your details are recorded.
No need to retype during your next visit!

Open 24 hours on 24 and 7 / 7

During the day, evening, overnight, our site is open every day at the time you need to program your purchase when you want. No need to plan your visit to store, you shop from your computer and you do deliver.

Security Guarantee

Whether for your personal or banking, we have all the safety guaranteeing confidentiality and security of information you provide on our site. We also use the payment system PAYPAL & PAYLINE, well known in the world of e-commerce.

Confirmation of your order

Once your order is placed, you receive an email confirming receipt and processing thereof.


A personal profile

During your first visit, we ask that you inform us your contact details to ensure a proper monitoring. Once your profile is created, it is back up. So once you log on your next visit with your login and password, no need to re-encode everything.

Guaranteed Service

Upon receipt of your order, it is processed within 24 hours. We will ensure to deliver within 2 to 9 days after treatment (or after receipt of your payment when paying by bank transfer) if (s) item (s) ordered (s) are in stock and / or except the problem (s) independent (s) of our control. In case of delay, you are directly informed. On the bulky equipment (tables, arbitration, robots ...), delivery time is longer, please contact us.  

Free mounting racket

Assembling your racket can be done by us free. Tell us your wish to raise your racquet when you make your purchases on our site. If you already have a timber where you want to mount new coatings, send us your bat well packed (preferably registered mail) to avoid damage and we refer your racket up in the shortest time for free.

Looking to buy in bulk

Contact us before ordering to take advantage of attractive purchasing terms and special discounts.

Our Shop

Rue de le Sittelle, 4

5651 Laneffe (Belgium)

Tel : +32 487 67 54 12.


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Not forgetting

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