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Terms of Sale Shop-Ping

Article 1: These terms apply to all orders entrusted to us. With the requirements of the order and any special conditions, they form the agreement of sale. By signing the agreement or the order or accepting the order confirmation, our contractor expressly acknowledges having read these terms and conditions and have accepted them. These are general provisions apply to all contracts, even verbally, in the context of business relations after an initial order.

Article 2: Shop-Ping has the right to change terms of delivery and / or payment when the time expired. If you receive non-controlled items, you need to Ping Shop-aware. If you find errors in exceptional personal data, you must immediately notify the Shop-Ping.

Article 3: All our offers are without engagement. They can still be retracted or changed. To be valid, an order must be placed in writing. Any order irrevocably commits the buyer. It may not be canceled without our written permission. The contract will be concluded after the order is accepted by us. The commitments made by our officers, agents or brokers do not bind us and speak only after our written confirmation.

Article 4: Shop-Ping agrees to package and ship your order the most appropriate way possible.

Article 5: The goods are sold and licensed in reputable stores and our offices irrespective of the place, or manner of delivery. They travel expense and risk of the recipient.

Article 6: Delivery times are mandatory unless we have expressly stipulated and agreed in writing. They vary depending on available stock. Any delay on our part can result in a penalty, or give rise to the termination of the contract. Circumstances beyond our control, of such nature that the contract can not fairly be required of us, and cases of force majeure entitle us to terminate the contract in whole or in part without liability for compensation , Examples include: defense-import or export-measures enacted by the official making supplies impossible, difficult or significantly more expensive at the time of conclusion of contract-stop rail or air strikes, fires, etc. ...

Article 7: Payment options: PayPal or credit card

Article 8: If the seller appears that the buyer's credit deteriorates, particularly if a judicial enforcement action taken against the purchaser and / or in case of events that bring into question the good performance commitments or make impossible, the seller reserves the right, even if the goods have already been totally or partially shipped, partially or fully suspend the order and demand the necessary guarantees. In case of refusal of the buyer, the seller reserves the right to cancel the order entirely or partially. All this without prejudice to the rights of the seller to any damages.

Article 9: No claims will be admissible if it is made by registered mail within fourteen (14) days of receipt of merchandise. No returns accepted without our prior written agreement specifying the nature, quantity and value of goods that would eventually be. It suspends in any case the payment due.

The return must be sent postage paid, and this in agreement with Shop-Ping. The returned product must be received in the same condition it was sent to you. Please clearly state the reason for return and all your contact details (including your phone number where we can contact you during the day and evening). Upon receipt of returned products, we will refund the purchase amount less administration costs and postage. The article can not be returned in the following cases:

• The item is no longer in its original condition

• The item is damaged after you have used.

• Article is not complete.

• The packaging is not original or intact.

Article 10: The software that we remain the property of the manufacturers. Only one license is granted. The user may not, in any form whatsoever, assign, grant, the pledge, communicate it or lend for free. It will keep in good condition the property notices given on programs and instruction manuals and ensure compliance with privacy software. The customer gives an order of execution or reproduction is supposed to hold the rights to the original. The customer assumes, as appropriate, any liability to the third and identifies the responsibility of our society.

Article 11: Unless specific contractual provisions, our offers and price lists are purely indicative. If, after acceptance of an order or during the execution thereof, prices increased for reasons beyond our control (eg rising commodity prices, the cost of salaries, social charges, etc.), we are allowed to increase the agreed prices in proportion to these increases.

Article 12: Unless specified otherwise in writing, invoices are payable in cash. Bills, receipts, acceptance of the settlement or carriage shall neither substitute nor exemption from this clause and other conditions of sale.

Article 13: Any amount not paid when due shall, automatically and without formal interest in Belgian legal interest rate plus interest of 1% per month. The debtor also bear all costs of collection. In case of non-payment of an invoice by the due date, the seller reserves the right to increase its amount of 10% with a minimum of 50 Eur. Non-payment of one bill by the due date made payable as of right the balance due on all other invoices, even if not overdue. The seller retains title to the goods until full payment. The risks are borne by the buyer. The payments may be retained to cover potential losses on resale.

Article 14: Failure to pay full price and all accessories, in case of seizure load of the buyer, application composition, assignment in bankruptcy, publication of a draft pro-tested orwinding-up of the co-contractor before payment has been made, our company reserves the right to raise automatically and without notice, the resolution of the current contract and all contracts to be performed and contracts in progress, with the sending of a letter which operates resolution of right. In the event of termination of the contract to the buyer's fault, it will come to our company a flat rate of 30% of the total selling price, which does not preclude our society demands greater compensation if it proves that the damage exceeds 30%.

Article 15: In case of dispute, the Courts in Dinant, or the option of the seller shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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