How can I pay for my purchases at

To pay for your purchases with us, it's easy safe!

1. With credit card: Our website uses Paypal (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) and Payline (Bancontact, Maestro, Carte Bleue, ...) payment systems recognized by banks and offering a high quality of security throughout the payment transaction. To use this service, you will need a bank card. With PayPal & Payline, you can be sure that your payments are secured and protected you in your purchases.

2. By bank transfer : You just have to transfer the amount of your purchases on our bank Belfius, which will be communicated during your purchase process. Your order will be processed upon receipt of your payment and you are notified by mail.

3. At Delivery (only in Belgium) : Our packages are shipped by the services of the Belgian Post. With this option, you can collect your package from the post office near you or from your refund cons factor (the latter is only valid for Belgium). Attention to this service, 10 € extra charge will be counted.

4. Council the store: You can pick up your merchandise in our shop. With this option, no shipping costs will be required only of course. No electronic payment terminal available at the moment, only cash or bank transfer.



How do we send you your purchase ?


- In Belgium, we work with Bpost and offer 3 modes of delivery:

  1. Bpack Secur : Delivery to your home or to another address of your choice with a secure dispatch.
  2. Bpack @ Bpost 24/7 : Delivery within the nearest package distributor to your home with secure shipment. You are notified of the availability of your package within the dispenser by mail or SMS and you can collect your parcel 24h / 24 and 7/7.
  3. Bpack @ Bpost : Delivery in the nearest post office or post point of your home with secure shipment. You are notified of the availability of your package within the dispenser by mail or SMS and you can collect your package during the opening hours of the post office or position the point.

- Other countries : we work with Bpost which will send your package by a shipping company (mail or other functions in their international agreements). All shipments are secured with tracking shipments.


How do I pay in postage?

Other material : the delivery cost depends on the weight of your items, the amount of your purchases and the country where your equipment should be delivered. Each time you add an item to your cart, you will show the delivery cost of your purchases.

Free delivery in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany if :

- The amount of the order must be above 70€ VAT included

- The package must not weigh more than 30Kg

- Payment is on-line or by bank transfer before delivery

- Otherway, we ask 6€ delivery charges

Free delivery in Europe (excluding Benelux + France + Germany) if :

- The amount of the order must be greater than 100€ VAT included

- The package must not weigh more than 30Kg

- Payment is on-line or by bank transfer before delivery

- Otherway, we ask 9€ delivery charges

Free delivery in other countries :

-  The amount of the order must be greater than 207€ VAT excluded

- The package must not weigh more than 30Kg

- Payment is on-line or by bank transfer before delivery

- Otherway, we ask 20€ delivery charges

The buky material (tables, robots, surrounds, ...) and package more than 30Kg

The purchase of such section shall be an estimate for transportation costs.

We deliver robots only in all countries within the European Union.

We deliver the tables only in Belgium, Luxembourg and in the Netherlands.


Can I make an exchange if size does not suit me?

The shorts that you've purchased is too big?
The sweat ordered does not suit you?
The shoes are too small?
If the size or the size of your purchase does not suit you, you can request an exchange by mail at the following address: include a reference number of the order concerned. This request must be received within 8 days of the mailing date of your package. We will send you instructions to proceed with this exchange.

The return costs are your responsibility. will take such costs only if the liability of is demonstrated.

Please note that you must contact us before sending us this material. Otherwise, we will consider your request.

This exchange guarantee is only valid on all models of clothing and footwear.

Maat 8 jaar 10 jaar 12/14 jaar 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62
Vrouw   3XS 2XS XS S M M L L XL XL 2XL 2XL 3XL 3XL 4XL 4XL
TRACKSUIT POLOS T-SHIRTS ....                            
Maat in Cm 120 132 144 156 168 174 180 186 192 198 204            
Man/Vrouw   3XS 2XS XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL            
Kinderen   140 152 164  


Can I ask to make up my racket?

Assembling your racquet can be made by us and free when you buy your wood and / or your coatings. Tell us your wish to raise your racquet when you make your purchases on our site. If you already have a timber where you want to mount new coatings, send us your bat well packed (preferably registered mail) to avoid damage and we refer your racket up in the shortest time for free.


Can I benefit from special rates for purchases of large quantities?

You are a club and want your tables or renew your equipment for your players?

Depending on the quantity, you can receive a promotional discount. If this happens, let us know your requirements before placing an order on our site to benefit from favorable conditions.


Does can handle of the flocking of my equipment ?

Through our business partners, we take care of your equipment flocs (jerseys, surrounds, ...). To do so, please provide all information (quantities, colors, logo's format, ...) in order to give you a quotation as soon as possible and arrange with you to print your logo on your equipment.


You need spare parts to repair your tables ?

If you need part (s) detached (s) to repair your tables, contact us by mentioning the brand, the serial and the part(s) you need. If in addition you can send us a photo of the table and the problem that requires identifying, even better!

We will send you a quote for the parts necessary to repair.


Do I pay VAT ?

Everything depends on the country where the goods are to be sent or if you buy under a VAT regime. When you put in your shopping cart, VAT is always taken into account. But it is not always calculated when you checkout.
Customers outside the European Union should never pay VAT. However, it is possible that this VAT is required by the local government upon delivery. Do not hesitate to inform you in your country of this possibility.
Whether you are in Belgium (individual or company) or an inhabitant of the European Union, you must always pay VAT which is 21% for us.
Companies established in the EU (excluding Belgium) does not have to pay VAT if they send us their VAT number and a certificate from the chamber with less than a year. This will allow us to send the goods without having to pay VAT.


How contact us ?

To send us an email, please use the form available on contact page.


How and on what items are valuable discounts based on my shopping ?

You get the best prices throughout the year at Shop-Ping with our volume discounts which are among the most attractive in the market. These discounts are calculated directly in your basket when you effecuez your shopping on our website.
These discounts are not valid on:

     - The club equipment, the balls and the robots
     - The cost of screen printing, postage ...
     - All items on sale at the end of series, liquidations => Generally, all items that already have some discount!
     - All Butterfly materials


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