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Gewo NanoFLEX FT40

Gewo NanoFLEX FT40

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The Ultimate Weapon with flexible high tension technology

Choose a rubber that suits you: The innovative revolution of nanoFLEX is the new development with the wow effect. It is a premium rubber with the latest high state-of-the-art technology. Players at all levels have participated during the development and testing of this rubber. GEWO technicians have created a new innovative high tech rubber series with nanoFLEX, a geometry adapted pimple structure.

The result is an attacking weapon that gives a catapult like acceleration. The newly developed pimple geometry adapts to the ball surface guaranteeing a highly explosive spinny shot during all playing situations. The highly tacky tension surface generates enormous spin ratings thanks to the very dynamic elastic surface. The nanoFLEX series offers tremendous feeling with the optimum dynamics of spin and power for all professional and serious players.

The GEWO nanoFLEX FT 40 is a flexible and soft rubber. It gives an excellent feeling and utmost control in all match situations. The enormous sound when playing a top spin stroke gives you a good indication of the power of this rubber. A very tacky surface with a soft and highly dynamic sponge produces powerful spin play for all variations. The fine balance of the flexible nanoFlex surface with a soft sponge is perfect for all players who make high risk attacking strokes from middle distance. A very forgiving rubber reducing error strokes to a minimum. Discover the feeling and joy of top spin variations in all situations.

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