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What are the benefits of varnishing your table tennis blade?

In this blog article, we explain the advantages of varnishing your table tennis blade and why it is worthwhile to do so.

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Maintenance of your equipment

Introducing the Victas brand and its table tennis equipment.

You would like to discover a new brand specialized in table tennis ? Discover the Victas brand and its quality equipment.

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How to train individually in table tennis?

How to train individually in table tennis? This blog article emphasizes the importance of individual training in table tennis to improve your skills. Regardless of the level of play, solo training sessions allow you to develop your technique, precision and physical fitness. The key to achieving a quality solo training lies in creating a suitable training room, using a return board and a robot and incorporating coordination and conditioning exercises.

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Tips and Tricks

What is the ideal floor to play table tennis ?

Indoor table tennis need to be played on a specific type of floor. Discover in this article what kind of floor is ideal to play table tennis.

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